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Aiming to disseminate the results of our efforts for the last 30 months, SOPHIA project launched on December 14th in Nicosia Cyprus, a joint event titled «ICT-based solutions for supporting occupation in life of elder adults: Presenting the SOPHIA & Elders-UP! Platforms».
The joint event that was hosted by GeoImaging Ltd and the Elderly Care Centre “Ayia Marina” and co-organized by sister AAL project Elders-up!, was attended by researchers, professional and local stakeholders involved in elderly care services in Cyprus.
During the event, partners from both projects presented the final versions of the online platforms, navigated through the different services provided by the interface and provided a demonstration of the real value offering to the users. During the Q&A session that followed, a vivid discussion took place regarding the different user experience in the pilot countries and especially on the consortiums’ plans to commercialize the platforms and launch it to the market in the near future.

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Neubrandenburg GermanyThe 4th meeting of SOPHIA project took place in Neubrandenburg, Germany hosted by our local partners, Infokom GmbH. In total 12 participants form partners GoImaging, Infokom, ISOIN, Wellness telecom and ASIS attended the meeting.

The 2 day milestone meeting was crucial for the project success kicking-off the last part of the platform development and trials that will help deliver a holistic and fully functional SOPHIA platform.

During the meeting that was held on the 29th and 30th of June 2016 all partners were updated by the coordinator, GeoImaging Ltd, on the current status of the SOPHIA prototype and drew a roadmap for improvement of the different functionalities. The improvements to be made within the following period and until the platform’s full launch will be complemented by continuous user engagement and trials that will feed in useful input regarding usability and accessibility elements.

Besides the implementation of the roadmap, an extensive discussion took place on business models and payment modalities that will trigger a more successful market launch. The commercial exploitation of the platform will be also discussed in the final meeting of the SOPHIA consortium to be held December 2016 in Nicosia, Cyprus.

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SOPHIA project was invited to participate at the “how to build viable business models in AAL projects” workshop organized by the three-year support action of the AAL Joint Programme called AAL2Business. The actions aims to help projects to enter the market by conducting tailor made training:

  • on how to build business models with highly iterative methods
  • on how to validate business models and value propositions 
  • and share challenges and best practices in business development.

During the interactive sessions participants had the opportunity to discuss, evaluate and build viable business models for 2 real project cases. Mr. Kostas Smagas of GeoImaging Ltd, coordinating party of SOPHIA project, attended the workshop and shared views with the different AAL project participants on sustainable business models regarding the SOPHIA platform.


SOPHIA project local partners participated at 15th Festival of the 3rd age that took place in Ljubljana Slovenia the from the 29th September until the 1st October 2015. This is the second time that SOPHIA project participates at this annual event that is a combination of a fair exhibition, different lectures, workshops, round tables and other.  The Festival created a space for cooperation between the generations, civil society, voluntary organizations, as well as business, academic and political spheres. This way it contributes to sustainable intergenerational solutions to the best of its ability. Each year the Festival opens the door to intergenerational harmony, creativity and the exchange of ideas. In terms of content and the time it takes place, the Festival is linked to 1 October, the International Day of Older Persons.

The third project meeting of SOPHIA took place in Ljubljana Slovenia, the 2nd and 3rd of July2015. SOPHIA project meeting was hosted by the local partner ASIS and during the meeting a specific technical plan was drawn in order to proceed to the development of the first prototype.

The first project meeting of SOPHIA after the kick-off s took place in Sevilla, Spain the 16th of January 2015. SOPHIA project meeting was attended by all project partners and reviewed results from WP2 regarding user requirements.

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SOPHIA projects contacts elderly users in Slovenia to distribute the user requirement questionnaires. Our Slovenian partner has approached several elderly associations and engaged to fruitful discussion with the most important pool of users of SOPHIA platform, the elderly.
Among others user requirement questionnaires were distributed to the following organizations:

SOPHIA partners from Spain and Slovenia have contacted the most influential media regarding elderly associations in Spain and Slovenia in an effort to inform and attract potential users of SOPHIA platform. More specifically a dedicated press release was published in the Spanish magazine Senda Senior as well as at the website of the Slovene Federation of Pensioners’ Associations which is the largest NGOs in Slovenia with more than 230,000 members and 500 organizations,



SOPHIA project was presented at the  Festival of the Third Age  in Slovenia that happens to be one of the biggest event for elderly people in Europe attracting more than 15,000 visitors each year. Taking place in October in the capital Ljubljana, it is a place of connecting, creating and exchanging ideas, dedicated to active ageing, improving the quality of life of older people and achieving solidarity between generations.

The Festival is prepared by and for the elderly in collaboration with numerous individuals of all ages as well as various organizations, voluntary and other non-governmental organizations, ministries and representatives of the public administration, research institutions, companies & he service sector. It is a combination of a fair exhibition, different lectures, workshops, round tables and other discussions in the educational and professional programme, a rich cultural programme with different cultural events as well as performances on the open stage and varied accompanying programme.
SOPHIA project, an integral part of the festival was presented at the exhibition booth of Association of Social Institutions of Slovenia.

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Miss Anna Palaiologk of the Spanish partner ISOIN, presented SOPHIA project objectives and expected results to the track 4 audience of the AAL FORUM on Thursday evening where informal care as a market factor was discussed. Informal care has always been a critical element of the overall care system. As technology (ICT) eases the integration between formal and informal care, there is an increasing recognition that informal care is also becoming an important factor in the AAL market. SOPHIA project has a clear market orientation and aspires to provide the vehicle to the senior adults who, although retired, wish to continue offering their skills, knowledge and services to the wider community.

More information on the SOPHIA presentation to the AAL FORUM 2014 can be obtained here.




The kick-off meetings of the AAL projects SOPHIA - Senior Occupation after Profession: Habit Intriguing Adults and Elders-Up! - Adaptive system for enabling the elderly collaborative knowledge transference to small companies took place in Paphos, Cyprus the 2nd and 3rd and 4th of July respectively. GeoImaging Ltd coordinator of SOPHIA AAL project was the official host of the meetings that were attended by all project partners physically or via teleconference.


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The project SOPHIA is co-funded by the AAL Joint Programme (Ref. AAL-2013-6-119) and the National Authorities and R&D programs in Cyprus, Spain (Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo - Ref: AAL-010000-2014-8) & Slovenia

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