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Miss Anna Palaiologk of the Spanish partner ISOIN, presented SOPHIA project objectives and expected results to the track 4 audience of the AAL FORUM on Thursday evening where informal care as a market factor was discussed. Informal care has always been a critical element of the overall care system. As technology (ICT) eases the integration between formal and informal care, there is an increasing recognition that informal care is also becoming an important factor in the AAL market. SOPHIA project has a clear market orientation and aspires to provide the vehicle to the senior adults who, although retired, wish to continue offering their skills, knowledge and services to the wider community.

More information on the SOPHIA presentation to the AAL FORUM 2014 can be obtained here.




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The project SOPHIA is co-funded by the AAL Joint Programme (Ref. AAL-2013-6-119) and the National Authorities and R&D programs in Cyprus, Spain (Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo - Ref: AAL-010000-2014-8) & Slovenia

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