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ASIS [] is non-profit public institution which already over 45 years connects residential care homes across Slovenia and it was established with the purpose of supporting providers of institutional care for the elderly. ASIS joins providers of residential health care with 20.164 places in 99 residential care homes in 120 locations. The support of providers of institutional care for the elderly comprises of representation of our members` interests in different fields (legislation, national strategies), financial and organizational consulting, professional education and training, etc. ASIS comprises of several commissions, working bodies and periodical working groups, which cover different professional and business areas. Besides that ASIS represents a link between national interests and interests of providers of residential health care. ASIS is also a full member of several international organizations and has a consultative status on EU level. We have rich experiences in national and international cooperation and international projects; at the moment we are participating in the IEE Save Age project. We have daily contacts with national and local authorities, different institutions and associations, providers of institutional care for the elderly and indirectly with the elderly, their family members and other community members. Beside formal carers our services also concern a large number of informal carers. ASIS is active in every segment of institutional care for the elderly. Our services include: organized living in residential care homes, personal assistance, social care and nursing, healthcare and medical rehabilitation, primary healthcare services, specialized healthcare services. Projects: The SAVE AGE project (2010 – 2013) is the first European initiative to develop and implement measures for limiting energy consumption in residential care homes. In the course of the project energy consumption was analysed in 100 homes for the elderly in 10 countries. 

Role in the project: Pilot application, user requirements and participation in other WPs



The project SOPHIA is co-funded by the AAL Joint Programme (Ref. AAL-2013-6-119) and the National Authorities and R&D programs in Cyprus, Spain (Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo - Ref: AAL-010000-2014-8) & Slovenia

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