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UNIBAM [] is a non-profit university and will be represented by the Department of General Psychology and Methodology, a leading research department in the field of cognitive psychology. The department is well-equipped by staff (>12 post-graduated researchers, > 16 young scientists, 4 affiliates) and equipment (6 labs devoted to specific research on the fields of ergonomics, user experience, perceptual and affective factors) and specifically aims to develop methods and tools to holistically analysing the user’s experience, objections against technical and perceptual innovations. Besides this primary interest, the department is involved into public debates and research on ethical considerations and privacy issues which will also be addressed in the present project. Currently, the department collaborates on basis of the AAL JP (Ambient Assisted Living) Project: FEARLESS successfully together with an international team of experts from Italy, Spain, Austria and Germany on a specific AAL product, i.e. a fall and fire detector called “Ambient Event Detector”. UNIBAM’s specific role in that project is to assess the users’ needs for state-of-the-art event detectors for increasing the security perception of elderly persons and ethical and privacy aspects within an ambient assisted living approach.

Role in the project: In SOPHIA, UNIBAM involvement focuses on developing comprehensive testing and an assessment plan which will consider the development and realization methods, ethics, metrics, selection of users, time and resource plans for the evaluation phase at the trial sites. It will determine the criteria for assessing the developed technology. UNIBAM is WP4 leader.



The project SOPHIA is co-funded by the AAL Joint Programme (Ref. AAL-2013-6-119) and the National Authorities and R&D programs in Cyprus, Spain (Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo - Ref: AAL-010000-2014-8) & Slovenia

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